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Thanks to those who replied, reassuring me that it is nothing serious.

However, the orchid lives on shelving with flouorescent lights during the
winter when it is too cold to keep outside. Prior to that they were outside
in a screened in patio.
Could the fluorescent bulbs cause this?


"V_coerulea" wrote in message
I agree too that it looks like sunburn. Epi Star Valley can take full sun
when aclimated to it. But then the leaves usually have a reddish tinge to
them. I'd say that the sun hit when there was still some water on the leaf.
It doesn't look like anything terminal.
"Larry" wrote in message
I have a question about an orchid. It is labeled as Epi. Star Valley x
Joseph Lii Lake View (I'm not sure about the "LII" - everything is

Lately I noticed some leaf damage. The plant has otherwise done well.

I posted 2 pictures on the web:

Notice in picture 1 the area of dead tissue. There are 2 leaves on the
plant with this damage. Also on picture 1 is an area of decreased
pigmentation adjacent to the dead tissue area. Several leaves have just
started to show this discoloration with lighter green coloring. On
picture 2 you can see the area of dead tissue, and to the right of that
is the area of discoloration. Several leaves have this discoloration,
though not has large as in picture #1.

I have isolated the plant away from my others. When I was taking the
pictures today I noted some hard scale on a couple leafs, but I would not
think scale does this damage.

Fungal? Viral?

How do I treat?

I have sprayed it with Physan 20 (1 tablespoon per gallon); today I used
neem oil, too. Any other suggestions?

Thanks so much in advance...