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~ Windsong ~
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"SirSidney" wrote in message
Last I counted in just three groups resulted in over 23 user names
with all the commonalitys of your headers in this fourm and you want
to jump down my throat

## Jump down your throat for WHAT? Spamming us? Yes, no one likes SPAM.
For all I care you can change your name every 5 minutes. It's nothing to

yet yu do the same thing in other forums , and
from the looks of it you like to stir up lots of forums with numerous
user ID's..

## You better learn to read headers. You're making a real ass out of

your sick girl, really sick! Even too stupid to realize
your posts are getting here by your initisal screwiup and cross
posting.your loosing it Windbag..................its getting you and
its winning, and your loosing.

## No, teeny bopper. You're suffering a meltdown and don't know how to
handle it. Start with learning how to read and understand a header - and
then learn to use ARIN.COM. I've never hidden my ISP when I post to Usenet.
In fact I can't since it goes through his newsserver and my IP is right
there. Your ignorance of Usenet is astounding.
Carol.... the frugal ponder...
"People who want to share their religious views with you almost
never want you to share yours with them."