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Default Lawn Mower Tractor dilemma ; TORO 16-38HXL or Yard-Man AN 5150K

You guess ; I need to by a mower tractor. I have 3000 m2/0.75acre to

Why do I hesitate between these 2 models ;

- John Deere is too expensive
- They both cost 3000 ($3800)
- I will not mulch
- + for Yard-Man : 105cm vs. 97cm(Toro) cut-width , anti-scalp system
- + for Toro : better reviews on the Net/groups. Yard-Man usually
tagged 'low-end'. Toro is one brand, Yard-man part of MTD... very
confusing to have 5+ names to market mowers this sustainable in
the long run ? will I have parts for my yard-man in say 5 years ?

Any comment/help to help me make the right choice is highly