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On Thu, 24 Feb 2005 15:29:38 +0000, Phisherman wrote:

On 24 Feb 2005 03:47:19 -0800, (fred) wrote:

I have a big problem with cats fowling on my garden. I have been told to
use pepper, but this only lasts while we have dry weather. This time of
year is not practical, does anybody have any ideas that work in the wet
or wintery weather.

Electric fences work exceptionally well in wet weather! Cats like to
poop in loose soil, so a mulch discourages that. Also, try thorny
branches, sweetgum balls, motion detection sprinklers, etc.

A client of mine used mothballs to repel cat from her flowerbeds. She
took old sourcream containers with holes cut in the sides, filled with
mothballs. This way they wouldn't get wet and clean-up, removal was made
easy. Personally I thought she was full of it but week after week, the
cats stayed away... and used the neighbor's flowerbed instead. 80) It
seems that cats can smell very well and the smell of mothballs is just way
too much for them to deal with. It might be worth a try, but your mileage
my vary.
Good luck.

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