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Kenni Judd
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Take the plants out of the pots and see if they have any live roots. If
they do, re-pot into fresh mix. If they don't, well, they might be saved
but ... how much time and effort do you want to spend?

Misting is something we do not recommend; it will not provide much help with
humidity and can lead to disease problems.

Chances are, your grocery-store plants were badly stressed by maltreatment
before you purchased them. Before you give up, buy a nice healthy one from
a real nursery in your neighborhood and get growing instructions while
you're there. I think you'll see a big difference.
Kenni Judd
Juno Beach Orchids

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Help, my blooming orchids (regular grocery store variety) are suffering
wilting leaves. The leaves are limp and wrinkled and not getting
better. I am misting, they are in a filtered all day sun window and
each have one flower stem.
What am I doing wrong? I am fairly new to these beautiful flowers and
want to expand my varieties, but not until I can keep these ones alive.