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keith ;-\)
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Thanks for the info rob,I like to have the name tags right,also find it
interesting to know the crosses.

Thanks Keith,England,UK.
"Rob Halgren" wrote in message
keith ;-) wrote:
A friend of mine gave me a plant,Cattleya Gold Digger.His & mine are
divisions from the same plant.His plant has more colouring in the throat
,were mine is plain with a few speckles.Why is this?Conditions?

Lc. Gold Digger (Lc. Red Gold x C. Warpaint) actually...

Most likely conditions. It isn't at all uncommon for flowers to be
slightly different in different years or in different collections.

As an example, I have about 100 Sc. Crystelle Smith 'B&K Orchids" which
bloom out different shades of pink/lavendar, even grown on the same
bench. In this case I think it is just a plant that is hypersensitive
to the environment, and the color is greatly affected by the environment
when the bud is developing.

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