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Richard Sexton
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Watercress wrote:
Anyone has a definite answer to its content? According to previous
postings it is suppose to be pure KNO3, but when I tested a solution of
it with the Aqua. Pharm. nitrate test, I got a reading of 0. So, is
the problem with the Stump Remover or the Nitrate Test?

BTW, the Nitrate Test did have a non-zero reading with some lawn
fertilizer that I left standing with aeration. Also, the Nitrate test
registered 0 with a solution of Flourish Nitrogen. This doesn't make
sense since the Flourish Nitrogen is suppose to contain nitrate.

A related question. Know of a good nitrate test kit?

LaMotte. Or a digital meter. The hobby kits are like windows, they
just don't work properly.

The green light stuff is pure kn03. You can verify this by asking
for the MSDS sheets where you buy it.

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