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Richard Sexton
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Margolis wrote:
hagen or tetra. Hagen is probably a little better, but it takes a bit more
practice to get it right.

Hahahaha, good one. These things aren't even remotely
accurate. They're thrown off by nitrite (the instrucstions
say so but don't say high or lo) and the color charts
are a function of water hardness, I have to use the something
in between the salt and fresh chart for my water and I've seen
them read zero with a calibrated kn03 stock solution and I've
seen them read zero when a LaMotte kit reads 220ppm.

The thing seems to work sometimes and if you guess at what
the chart should be they're usefull for determining
"zero", "low" or "high". When they work.

Plus they contain cadmium. Waste of money.

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