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Elaine T
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Default To feed or not to feed...

I just released my five gold white clouds into one of my half-barrels
from their quarantine. (Good luck, little fishies!) There's papyrus,
azolla, cambomba, egeria, and frogbit in there. The single mosquito
fish in the other two barrels have been going lean and mean, since I
know hungry live bearers will eat soft plants just fine and I want them
eating any stray insect larvae. Do I need to feed the 5 white clouds or
will they find enough to eat between plants and insects landing on the

I'm just starting quarantine on the first shubunkin and I'm quite sure
that little piglet will need extra food. He was barely used to the
quarantine tank and already trying to eat the clump of java moss I put
in with him for cover. Sheesh! I haven't kept goldfish since I was a
child and I'd forgotten how much they can eat.

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