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Elaine T
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Reel McKoi wrote:

$$ You're going to love it! :-)) I had the same set up and kept 2
goldfish and a few pond plants in each barrel. But because of the new
Gazebo we have to dismantle the barrels this year. They're not in the sun
now. Last summer the plants didn't do well at all. Because they need to
be near electricity I'm not sure if we're going to set them up again this

Cool! I'm already liking the barrels, even without the pump going.

$$ Those black stiff plastic meshlike pots work wonders for such things.
:-) You can also use them as filters.

That's EXACTLY what I had in mind - you suggested it earlier. The big
12" square ones make nifty plant shelves too, sturdy enough for smaller
marginals. I cut one in half in a contour to fit the barrel side, cut
swim-through holes into it, and flipped it over to get a combination
plant shelf and fish cave. This morning, a couple of white clouds swam
out of one so I guess it works. :-)

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