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Hi everyone...

Kinda new to the whole planted aquarium thing... But I have a grasp of
basic principles and I would agree with Elaine... I have recently had my
pressurized CO2 die and have had to use the yeast method which, as i'm sure
you all know, produces a lot less co2. I am also using Flourish (non-iron
formula) and flourish Iron. I found that I have had to reduce my flourish
non-iron (which indeed has iron) and stop my flourish Iron formula all
together due to hair aglae growing because of excess iron not being utilized
by plants due to reduced co2 (carbon). On adding flourish excell ("organic
carbon") in conjuction with yeast co2 I can resume dosing at normal flourish
rates for my tank, but cannot use flourish iron, not even 1ml for a 200
litre (50 gallon) tank or I get hair algae...

I would say it is safe to keep your shrimp, snails etc in your tank as it is
not a copper formula i.e. you do not need a high KH to dose it.

I believe it is not really an algaecide, it merely brings your carbon levels
up, which in turn increases photosynthesis and uses iron. I have used
excell for a while now... (Dupla rep in australia has not returned one of my
three phone calls re the part I need) and I still have a few stones here and
there that have algae due to excess phosphates and excell has not removed
it... If it was an algaecide it would also reduce this algae and not just
the hair algae which grows due to an excess in a nutrient.

But these are just my thoughts and what I understand.

"Elaine T" wrote in message
Victor Martinez wrote:
Watercress wrote:

And the rooster causes the sun to rise. You are jumping to conclusion.

Really? Then by all means explain to me what exactly caused the hair
algae to die off. I didn't change anything else in my routine.

An alternate explanation is that your plants, given a good carbon source,
outcompeted the hair algae. Either way, the outcome is great! I really
like Excel in my very low algae tanks too.

__ Elaine T __
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