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Default I need desperate help here guys and gals!!!!!!

Hi everyone!

I am doing this gift for my Papa for his birthday which is next week!
It deals with researching all the apples (around a hundred varieties)
in his orchard. Now, I am stuck with some-I can't find much about
certain varieties. Please, could you take a look at the list below and
send me all you know about each one, especially the things I list next
to them. I need this information very, very soon since his b-day is
next week! Thank you so much everyone!

Summer Russet (also called Sweet Russet): The History behind it

Red Baron: The history behind it

Earliblaze: the History behind it

Stark Jumbo: When are they usually harvested here (in MI) and how long
can they be stored and the history behind it

Stark Earliest: Everything you can think of!

Jonadel: The history behind it

That's it, I think (I hope)!