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Doug Kanter
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Hi everyone!

I am doing this gift for my Papa for his birthday which is next week!
It deals with researching all the apples (around a hundred varieties)
in his orchard. Now, I am stuck with some-I can't find much about
certain varieties. Please, could you take a look at the list below and
send me all you know about each one, especially the things I list next
to them. I need this information very, very soon since his b-day is
next week! Thank you so much everyone!

Browse he

.....and/or call the place. I'll bet you'll find someone who can help in some

If not, go he
.....and call the place. This is probably the largest apple grower in New
York State. I'm suggesting it for this reason: Somewhere within an hour of
here, in the Finger Lakes region, there's a research facility that has the
largest variety of ancient apple trees in America. It might be the first
link I gave you, or not. I have a book that would provide the name, but I
loaned it to a friend. So, if you call Fowler Farms, you can probably find
someone who knows the name of the place.