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The best reference for Apple tree varieties is the 'Fruit, Berry, and Nut
put out by Seed Savers Exchange ( You can check with
your local library, university, botanic garden, field station, etc. for a copy.
For example,
it lists the Red Baron as being developed at the University of Minnesota in
1969, and is
a cross between MN 1500 (their private stock), Golden Delicious, and
Daniels Red Duchess. Of course, you can always Google on the Apple variety and
possibly find some results, as well.

Sherwin D.


Hi everyone!

I am doing this gift for my Papa for his birthday which is next week!
It deals with researching all the apples (around a hundred varieties)
in his orchard. Now, I am stuck with some-I can't find much about
certain varieties. Please, could you take a look at the list below and
send me all you know about each one, especially the things I list next
to them. I need this information very, very soon since his b-day is
next week! Thank you so much everyone!

Summer Russet (also called Sweet Russet): The History behind it

Red Baron: The history behind it

Earliblaze: the History behind it

Stark Jumbo: When are they usually harvested here (in MI) and how long
can they be stored and the history behind it

Stark Earliest: Everything you can think of!

Jonadel: The history behind it

That's it, I think (I hope)!