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I had a heap of it myself, but last week when the pond 1+ acre in
size) overflowed and then the stream backup into the pond, and went
out again it took virtually all of the duckweed along with the outflow
of water. I have very very little left around the pond now. Same for
my frogbit, which need a good thinning as well.....too bad the
parrots feather did not leave with the duck weed.

Some koi and gold fish like eating it........It does not appear that
my koi or most of my GF like it though,

On Fri, 01 Apr 2005 20:06:11 GMT, "Troy Church"


===I know what caused it, and I know it can be a good thing for the water and
===fish, but it is everywhere. Is there anything I can use to abate it a
===little? Natural? Herbicide? Eat it?
===The pond is approximately 3/4 acre, has run-off from the neighborhood
===(trying to take care of that) and the air temperature reaches 80-85F daily.
===Thanks in advance.

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