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Troy Church
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I've thought about the fish route. There are a number of fish in the
pond/lake, but we just moved here and I don't know exactly what they are.
Some are quite large and I haven't had the time, yet, to catch some to see
if they are the variety that will eat anything else I put in there, or if
they are primarily herbivores. Has anyone had luck with tilapia in a
pond/lake like this? The waterway is very seasonal and the depth fluctuates
from 3' in the Florida dry season (winter) to almost 10' in the summer.

"Reel McKoi" wrote in message

"Troy Church" wrote in message
I know what caused it, and I know it can be a good thing for the water
fish, but it is everywhere. Is there anything I can use to abate it a
little? Natural? Herbicide? Eat it?

The pond is approximately 3/4 acre, has run-off from the neighborhood
(trying to take care of that) and the air temperature reaches 80-85F

Thanks in advance.

Depending on the type of duckweed both koi and goldfish will eat it. But
you have a small lake, not a pond. That would take a lot of fish....
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