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Nikki Casali
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Scott Far Thunder wrote:

Hau kolas..quick question; I'm getting contradictory answers, thought
I'd assimilate whatever you can contribute. I've a 100-gallon tank that
I'm thinking of converting to planted. However, one of the occupants
ofthis tank is a common pl*co who is fairly large at about 16" of
length. I've had smaller pl*cos absolutely tear up plants in smaller
aquariums. This guy/girl/whatever has never been in a planted tank, and
due to size I won't put him in a smaller tank to "see what happens". So
the question: in your experiences, what's the probability that a large
pl*co like this will destroy a planted tank of this volume? If so, any
suggestions of plants that might fair "better" in this environment and
any that should be avoided? TIA.

I have ancistrus which are a mini version of your common pleco. They
absolutely love my Amazon Swords but don't touch any other plants.
Luckily, they grow fast enough to replace the lost leaves. I can imagine
a 16" pleco wreaking havoc with sword type plants. This is the only type
I've ever heard them go after. Just don't stick any Amazon Swords in
with him/her/whatever. That's the only advice I can give.