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"Angrie.Woman" Spaketh Thusly:

"Bill" wrote in message

I'm thinking of moving my entire setup - everything except tank and
lights - to some high shelves in the room below. I can run
pipes and tubing (only need
a meter or so) inside an inside wall behind the tank.

I dream about doing that. And the floor below is a closet area already.

Is there a sink close by? As much work as it's going to be to do the move and
the piping, having the sink just a few steps away to be able to do water
changes - instead of lugging several 5G buckets up the steps weekly - is
actually going to save me work after a few months. I'm even planning on
running an empty PVC pipe from behind the tank to right above the sink. I'll
be able to vacuum and dump directly into the pipe - no filling buckets with
dirty water! I can replace the water in the combination sump/wet dry
filter/heater holder downstairs and let the pump move it up to the tank. I'll
put my reactor inline with the pipe going back to the tank.

Go for it, AW! I've been dreaming myself for a few years but my current stand
is developing a lean so I am being forced to do some heavy work anyway.

Bill H. [my "reply to" address is real]
Molon Labe!