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"Bill" wrote in message
"Angrie.Woman" Spaketh Thusly:

Hadn't thought about the sink, but there is a hose bib on the floor below.
Wouldn't be too big of a deal to "t" off that and put a dedicated spigot
right under the tank. But there is a sink close too. adding a direct
to a drain would be the tricky part.

I already figured that out... get some PVC close to the sink and somewhere
above it; put a barbed fitting on the end. Then use some tubing to drop
into the sink, and remove it when you're not using it. If it's a finished
room, hiding the barb is a tricky part. Perhaps a dummy air conditiong
(small round one) held up with a magnet - pull it off and go.

I would need to study aquarium design though, because there wouldn't be a
back side. THe tank would be open on both sides.

Tank positioned inbetween 2 rooms? Way cool. I'm jealous.

We're in a tri-level. When you walk in our front door, you have to either go
up or down. If you go up, then turn right walk a few steps, turn right
again, you're in the living room area, facing an outside wall. On your
right, there is a rail, keeping people from falling off the floor into the
stairwell from whence they just emerged. That's where I'd like to put it. Do
away with the rail and put a really big tank there.

I would have the ability to hide pipes and things with cabinetry on either
end, I think.

If any one side is
against a wall, put your sihon and return hose there, there's nothing else
show if your filtration, etc. is downstairs. Hide the siphon box under the
If you don't have any side against a wall or a large piece of furniture -
in the middle of a big room - I'd guess drilling the tank would be the
way. I've never had a drilled tank, but lots of people do so it must be
OK --
it just scares me

Yes, me too!

.. But it eliminates the unsightly and expensive siphon
(overflow) box.

I'm liking the way this is shaping up.

I know what you mean! I've been playing with this in my head for years,
I first looked at Dave's (dclubine) site back when he was building his
automated water change system.
Inspiring. Poke around there and you'll get plenty of ideas.

Oh - that looks like fun! Thanks!

Bill H. [my "reply to" address is real]
Molon Labe!