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Glenn S.
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I'd steer clear away from aluminum... from what I know, it can be toxic
to fish... for that matter, I'd stay away from anything metal (except
stainless steel)... If they're smaller fish.... try turning some black
plastic milk crates upside down in the pond (black camouflages better
than other colors), bore large holes in the sides if need-be.... weigh
them down with bricks, or even better... set some pots of aquatic
plants or lotuses/lilies upon them to keep them down. Aside from
that, you could buy a large black plastic stock tub from a
hardware/feed store and manually cut holes in the sides to accomodate
your fishes' comings and goings (and hidings).

I agree with the plastic milk crates - I have several of them in my
ponds and they're great for plants to sit on and fish to hide in. I
have never cut larger holes in mine because my purpose is to protect
smaller fish from larger ones. Even if the bigger fish can get in thru
the sides of the crate, he probably can't maneuver in it as well as the
smaller fish so the little one can generally get out in a safe manner.

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