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Dr. Steelhammer
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Default The Lie about the AOL Profile - Fred ("Leaky kill file" Twinkie) Hall is ignorant and desperate enough to Slurp a Fake Profile.

The Lie about the AOL Profile - Fred ("Leaky kill file" Twinkie)
Hall is ignorant and desperate enough to Slurp a Fake Profile. Spank!

Fred Hall bawled:

Who invented

Idiot, why were you ignorant an' inept enough to provide a link to the
original thread...which instantly snag-spanked the ""
frother as being the blistered foamer that was desperate enough to
create a fake (Never published in AOL's "Member Profile Community")
profile? LMAO

Date: 20 Mar 2004 21:37:55 GMT

Organization: AOL
Subject: Weak Link:
(Syn) - [The Spanked
Imposter/Ruined Pawn/Born Feeder]

SYN wept:
Anyone can find it in the archives

[Up until Date: 20 Mar 2004 when the weeper lied/wept: "Anyone can
find" that "eating, playing with my new hormone swollen" was
established "in the archives" posted before Date: 20 Mar 2004 - Let's
see what happened...]

Your search - "eating, playing with my new hormone swollen" - did not
match any documents.

- Make sure all words are spelled correctly.
- Try different keywords.
- Try more general keywords.

Spanked and ruined pawn...looks like you lied...again.
Also, spanked puss, just how ruined and tormented are you...that you
need to fabricate an entire AOL profile and lie about it being "in the
archives"...just because you got extremely insecure and disjointed
about a ruined pawn's real AOL profile(s) that actually *are* "in the

Idiot, *never* have posted with "newsguy", but a whole lot of foaming
frothers (very much like yourself) have, so they're the ones that would
probably *still* be posting with "newsguy" and would have needed to
froth out with their desperate simpers. Of course you're just way too
blistered to figure that out.

And... ruined pawn, your 1st clue should have been the fact that the
"newsguy" foamer claimed that the profile was already established in
the archives before s/h/it made the posting on March 20, 2004...but of
course that wasn't true because the desperate and blistered pawn (very
much like yourself) just created the fake profile on that date. The
foamer was desperate enough to create the fake profile, but for you to
cling onto and slurp that proven fake profile...makes you a thousand
times more desperate, weak and ruined. Absolute fact.

Spank-SNAG poke

"You brought me here. Damn! I'd better haul my ass on out of here.
I'm scared now. it's hands (posts off for me). kill file."
~Fred (Ready to Bawl) Hall, admitting to being a controlled,
blistered and owned pawn - a scared pawn...too spanked to do as s/h/it