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The first time I planted cabbage, I lost it all to rabbits, put up a fence
and replanted. The next year someone told me to plant garlic in and around
the cabbage. I started and ended the row with a clove of garlic, and put a
clove between each plant. I had a double surprise. No rabbit damage at
all, and harvested garlic in the fall. I have done that now for the last 3
times I plant cabbage, broccoloi, etc and experienced no rabbit damage.


"Bluebee" wrote in message
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I have a samall garden where I have eggplants. I have it fenced by a
bird-netting fencing. The net is firmly stapled to the ground. I noticed
that something was eating my eggplants and sweet pepper plants at the rate
of two per day(even with the net around). I thought it was the birdy doing
it, so I covered it from above with a bird netting. Still I found my plants
eaten. I found a hole at one end of the netting(could have been there
before), so reinforced it. Still someone ate the plants.

One day hubby saw a tiny-rabbit getting in the garden and destroying a
plant and leave!

Someone told us that if we sprayed Habernero peppers water, rabbit will
not bother the plants. But even after spraying peppers water, I have
missing plants!! The rabbit is essentially breaking the plant in two

How do I prevent any further casualties? I have already lost about