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Reel McKoi
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"Maxx Pollare" wrote in message
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The voice of "Reel McKoi" drifted in on the cyber-winds,
from the sea of virtual chaos...

I was wondering what you're doing on R.P. since I don't remember
reading any messages from you regarding fish, ponds, filters etc.
I don't recall you replying to any fish/pond messages of mine.

I was draged here by the crosspost to AFN, but I stayed for the reasons
below... };8)

Do you have a pond?

Not yet... I'm currently looking into all of myt options that are
avalible for my northern climent before taking the plunge.

## There are others on this NG who also live in the north. You'll learn a
lot here. :-)

We're talking about Grande-Prairie, Alberta (Canada) here, where things
tend to get a "little cold" in the winter, and where my home is
essential built on the recovered swamp land (long story).

## You can always keep an indoor tub or tank of some kind to keep fish over
the winter. That would be a real hassle thought I would think. Here in TN
they live over easily outdoors, even in small pools (I use cheapo heaters if
they start to freeze over).

Fish might be out if I can't get the pond deep enough, and I'm not
looking forward to the whole heater option (electrcity is murder here).

## I think they recommend at least 1 to 2' below the frostline. That can
be pretty deep in the far north. Electricity isn't bad where I live so
small heaters are not a problem. You don't need fish to enjoy a pond.
There are so many critters natural to all areas your pond wouldn't be empty
of life for long. :-) The alternative would be to buy cheap expendable
fish every spring.

Maxx Pollare, a "small god" in his own mind...

McKoi.... the frugal ponder...
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