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Default ground cover for pond edge

Kay Easton wrote:

In article , A.Malhotra
The pond
is in a natural boggy area so that the edge in question can get very wet.
It is in a sunny location too so that the sort of thngs I had in mind
(bugle, vinca) might not do very well. Does anyone know of a wild or
wild-type ground cover plant that would do well in these circumstances and
be vigorous enough to compete with grass? We've tried creeping jenny but it
hasn't survived.

It depends how big your pond is and how tall a plant you want.

Its 5m x 3 m (at the widest point). To reiterate, I'm NOT looking for
marginal plants that grow in the water (got lots of those) but a plant for
the terrestrial margin which sometimes floods, sometimes dries out and into
which stepping stones ar inset ie for safety I would not want anything that
grew very tall.

Round one of my ponds I have germander speedwell, but I'm not sure quite
how boggy it like it.

I think anything tiny is probably going to get pushed out by the grass.
Water mint is pretty tough, perhaps with the occasional clump of marsh

Our ponds at the nature park are fringed with a mixture of purple
loosestrife, yellow loosestrife and watermint, but that's a vigorous
mixture and might be more problem than the grass!

Or you could compromise by encouraging wet-loving grasses and rushes
around the edge - there not quite as spready as meadow grasses.
Kay Easton