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Peter Stockdale
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"vsop" wrote in message
My new neighbour has relocated a row of Raspberries to up against the wall
of her garage so they can be watered by rain dripping off from the
roof......(No gutters on the roof)

However, the roof is asbestos and when I pointed out that there might be a
danger from asbestos being taken up by the plants, either thro the roots,
leaves or fruit, she was quite certain that it was not possible for
asbestos to be absorbed in this way and there was no danger to her family
eating the fruit in future years.

She may be right, I don't know, perhaps I'm being over concerned and am
totally wrong, but I certainly wouldn't take the risk and I'm very worried
that she's placing her family in danger from ingesting cancer causing

Whets the general opinion on this ?

She is right - worry not !