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Scott L. Hadley
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"Harold Walker" wrote in message
Just spent a couple of weeks in what once was "Great Britain".....would
not give tuppence for living there aint what it used to be and
not by a long shot....I used to love to ride the trains to see the
beautiful looking gardens at the back of the houses along the railroad more....most of them looked ugly with huge weed patches and
broken down greenhouses etc....looks as tho the pride that once was there
has gone elsewhere.....walked around a couple of other weed patches that
the locals called 'allotments'. Perhaps one day it will rule the waves

Sad. I spent two glorious weeks in southern and western England in
1990---most of us looked up to that land as a garden heaven---a place where
some of us US garden types got our inspiration. And learning. I certainly
did, before our trip and during. And I noticed the patches of flowers in
the most unlikely places, as you mention. To think things have slid so far
in the intervening 15 years---We'll be back again eventually. Some things
must have lasted---