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On Sat, 6 Aug 2005 22:59:21 -0400, "Lyn" wrote:

How do I build a small
flowerpot filter or waterfall filter?? I have been told that with my
250 gal. outdoor water garden (lots of plants and mosquito fish) that
is all the filtration I need. I plan to use either a pondmaster or Mag 3 or
5 pump.


Hi Lyn,

There are 3 pictured on my webpage, click on *My filter* and scroll to the

They're really easy to make.

1 Large Plastic Planter, remove drip tray, turn upside down and drill a
bunch of holes in the drip tray. Set tray in bottom of planter as a grid to
hold up media. Put an outlet thru the bottom of the planter and hang over
edge of pond, or use an elbow to feed into a waterfall, whatever.

Take your pump hose and feed it in 3" from the top of planter. Buy another
heavy duty plant tray that will sit inside the planter with it's lip on the

Inside the planter you can use bagged activated carbon, vinyl screening,
fiber pads, fish safe open cell foam, bug screening, etc. You can also buy
filter pads pre-cut for other types of commercial filters and cut them to
the size you need.

You can even reverse it so the water goes in the bottom and comes out the
top, this upflow type filter is actually better and less likely to clog and
drain your pond by overflowing. ~ jan

See my ponds and filter design:

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