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For a Ph.D., Ed.D., you ask a lot of stoopid questions, Tedious Buyer.

Why are Koalas called bears when they are not bears?

Why are "water lilies", "day lilies", "calla lilies", etc. so called when
they are not true lilies?

Why is the "Rose of Sharon" named Hibiscus syriacus, when the plant is
actually native to China not Syria?

Why don't you do a Google search instead of being a pest?

"Ted" wrote in message
Hi Pam,

Thank you very much. This is useful

I bought a couple winter hardy Hibiscus recently and was told, in this
forum actually, that they'd likely start new growth in May. This is in
southern Ontario, just north of Toronto. Can I expect similar timing
from the Rose of Sharon? Does it grow rapidly once it decides to

For both Hibiscus species and Dipladenia species, is there any benefit
to lightly trimming the stems, to encourage branching by suppressing
apical dominance, perhaps in early summer and mid-summer? Or would
that do more harm than good?

Out of curiousity, do you have any idea why it was called a rose when
it is a hibiscus and looks nothing like a rose?



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