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Default Butterfly and Moth Breeder Resource Directory

Butterfly and Moth Breeder Resource Directory

Register Your Company or Organization in the Butterfly and Moth
Breeder Resource Directory

The IBBA, Inc. is facilitating the publication of a
comprehensive Butterfly and Moth Breeder Resource Directory.
This directory will be a resource for all of those involved
directly or indirectly with Lepidoptera breeding and associated

Listings in the directory include companies and individuals who
rear Lepidoptera for commercial purposes, those who exhibit, and
those who are involved as vendors or suppliers to this industry.

Directory categories include:

Butterfly House - exhibitor
Cages & boxes
Chemicals and supplies
Containers & Shipping
Dried specimens
Educational institution
Educational products
Event planner
Government agency - Federal
Government agency - local
Government agency - State
Livestock brokerage
Livestock - for education
Livestock - for exhibits
Livestock - for release
Livestock - other
Livestock - wholesale
Mounted & Framed specimens
Mounting supplies
Non-Profit Assn - Society
Nursery supplies
Paper supplies
Plants & supplies
Plastic supplies
Rearing & lab supplies
Research services
Retail misc. sales
Web hosting or Webmaster

If you would like your company or organization to be included in
the directory, please go to:

You will find directions for filling out the questionnaire which
will lead to your inclusion in the directory. Registration is

The directory itself is located on the web at:

The directory will also be available as a pdf download in the
near future (updated quarterly).