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"Janet Tweedy" wrote in message

I'm not very happy that this email appeared on gardenbanter, I've had
several people email me, all of whom are probably very nice people but
several months late and not the people I originally made my offer to!

Besides which it is now far too late in the year to sow the seeds!

Other UKREC gardening members are warned!

When posting such offers on Usenet - especially ones which may end
up on message boards or in archives, it's probably a good idea to
include the date, not forgetting to include the Year, both at the
top of the post and within the message body, so it won't get
inadvertantly snipped. Along with an acceptable timescale for
replies. All the more so, if the message includes a straightforward
email address. It's not unknown for new posters on NewsGroups to
post answers to questions from two or three years back, which they've only
just come across in the archive. Being totally oblivious to the time
that's elapsed in between. The same can apply with websites. People
sometimes assume that all websites are updated on a regular basis,
more especially ones which aren't dated in any way.

Very irritating to have to go through all this palaver to avoid
confusion caused by a site which one is not subscribing to and has no
interest in.
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