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Janet Baraclough
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The message
from martin contains these words:

On Wed, 31 Aug 2005 09:40:08 +0000, dotCompost

I'm glad I didn't apply for some seeds then..!!

I was about to request a few seeds, but didn't know what they were, so
hesitated. Also I couldn't find any contact details and I wasn't going
to put my email address in a post. Big No No. Glad I did wait..!! I had
no idea that this (out-of-date) offer came from outside GardenBanter. I
didn't know that folk from "usenet poster" popped in here.

We don't. Garden Banter rips off uk.rec.gardening posts

I don't
understand why - it seems they don't wish to be part of GardenBanter.

I don't want to be part of Garden Banter or have my posts appear on
Garden Banter.


Perhaps GardenBanter is something other than what it appears to be,

It is!!!

I should reconsider my involvement here...

Maybe all Garden Banter members should know that their posts to Garden
Banter are copied all over the world. Maybe Garden Banter should stop
copying stuff from uk.rec.gardening newsgroup to Garden Banter without
the posters' permission.

Any poster to urg who wishes, can prevent their posts appearing on
gardenbanter by adding the preface x-no-archive-yes. Most newsreaders
can be set to do this automatically.

Of course, that means gardenbanter-readers only see a small part of
each discussion, as well as only part of each usenet post..and that's
before gardenbanter deletes all usenet posts it doesn't want its members
to see.

You really should get yourselves a proper newsreader, gardenbanterers.
You're being sold short by gardenbanter.