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On Wed, 14 Sep 2005 23:46:43 -0700, "Daniel Morrow" wrote:

Hi all! I just thought I would introduce myself and say that I love the idea
of starting up a pond in my backyard sometime. Seems like goldfish would be
good enough fish for it and am wondering if the pond would need to be
protected with a wire fence to keep out predators like raccoons, birds,
etc.? I like the idea of using a carpet or astroturf like material beneath
the liner to maximize liner life. How long do liners usually last? The
outdoors can be a very hostile place, I know that some plastics will
disintegrate in the hot sun or water conditions. I'd love to set up a long
channel of rocks,etc. that the pumped water could flow through and get
oxygenated by. I heard that there are a lot of trolls here, if there are
then they should go away because I could really use this group for
assistance. Later all!

Hi Daniel,

If you can bear with us, we're hoping the group will clear up soon. Just
don't feed the trolls. Many of us use kill files and the group looks
almost normal once you weed the negative elements out.

You're gonna need some good books. 45 ml EPDM has a 20 year guarantee, but
will live for many more if protected from the sun and conditions. YMMV Put
your money into infrastructure, like a good filter, bottom drain & skimmer.
You can read about my ponds plus pictures below:

See my ponds and filter design:

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