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mark Bannister
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Daniel Morrow wrote:
Hi all! I just thought I would introduce myself and say that I love the idea
of starting up a pond in my backyard sometime. Seems like goldfish would be
good enough fish for it and am wondering if the pond would need to be
protected with a wire fence to keep out predators like raccoons, birds,
etc.? I like the idea of using a carpet or astroturf like material beneath
the liner to maximize liner life. How long do liners usually last? The
outdoors can be a very hostile place, I know that some plastics will
disintegrate in the hot sun or water conditions. I'd love to set up a long
channel of rocks,etc. that the pumped water could flow through and get
oxygenated by. I heard that there are a lot of trolls here, if there are
then they should go away because I could really use this group for
assistance. Later all!

Welcome and research research research. Ignore the trolls. I don't
think there is an organic control for them that won't hurt your fish and
other pesticides seem to just make them grumpy. I found a lot of good
info. on They can be a little self assured that
their's is the only way, but they have some great advice and there is a
lot of step by step posts on how to do some neat things.
Mark B.