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"Daniel Morrow" wrote in message
Hi all! I just thought I would introduce myself and say that I love the
of starting up a pond in my backyard sometime. Seems like goldfish would
good enough fish for it and am wondering if the pond would need to be
protected with a wire fence to keep out predators like raccoons, birds,

## If we didn't net our ponds we wouldn't have one fish left. Also, even
without fish the raccoons and neighborhood dogs would quickly have the
plants trashed.

I like the idea of using a carpet or astroturf like material beneath
the liner to maximize liner life. How long do liners usually last?

## The one we have is guaranteed by Tetra for 20 years. Check and see
before you buy.

outdoors can be a very hostile place, I know that some plastics will
disintegrate in the hot sun or water conditions.

## The liners we have are UV stabilized. Since most of the liner is covered
with either water or rocks they should last a long time.

I'd love to set up a long
channel of rocks,etc. that the pumped water could flow through and get
oxygenated by. I heard that there are a lot of trolls here, if there are
then they should go away because I could really use this group for
assistance. Later all!

## There is no way to get rid of rude people and trolls. Just ignore or
killfile them. And beware, as one is IMPERSONATING legitimate posters here,
usually myself.
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