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Cracklin\' wrote:

## There is no way to get rid of rude people and trolls. Just ignore or
killfile them. And beware, as one is IMPERSONATING legitimate posters here,
usually myself.

There are two ways to get rid of trolls and rude people. They only rude
person here is yourself. Pack your bags and leave. The trolls will go

Second, join a new moderated group where rude people (which means you
Carol) and trolls can\'t penetrate.

The first way is not going to happen, which mean further decay to rec.ponds

The second way, the new group The_Pond, has already been formed and is
making progress. Right now there 34 members, this tells me that there 34
individuals who are quite aware that rec.ponds in its current state is
headed towards oblivion.

Beside I know this is hurting you. You had to post twice using your know
socks, Mckoi and Cracklin.

Stop harrasing other people in other groups, and they will stop harrasing
you in this one.

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