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Whoooooooooooo, guess she told you huh pondmeister! Yet another of
Carols sock puppets!
Without her sock puppets she woulkd have no one to carry on a one
sided conversation with!

On 15 Sep 2005 23:30:15 -0000, er
(Kathy) wrote:

===Your message,like all your messages is both off topic and rude.
===You offer nothing regarding ponds. Your intent is to get more
===posters to your site, nothing more. Perhaps you should leave.
===In article
(pondmeister) wrote: Cracklin\'
=== ## There is no way to get rid of rude people and trolls. Just ignore or
=== killfile them. And beware, as one is IMPERSONATING legitimate posters here,
=== usually myself.
=== --
===There are two ways to get rid of trolls and rude people. They
===only rude
===person here is yourself. Pack your bags and leave. The trolls
===will go
===Second, join a new moderated group where rude people (which
===means you
===Carol) and trolls can\'t penetrate.
===The first way is not going to happen, which mean further decay
===to rec.ponds
===The second way, the new group The_Pond, has already been formed
===and is
===making progress. Right now there 34 members, this tells me that
===there 34
===individuals who are quite aware that rec.ponds in its current
===state is
===headed towards oblivion.
===Beside I know this is hurting you. You had to post twice using
===your know
===socks, Mckoi and Cracklin.
===Stop harrasing other people in other groups, and they will stop
===you in this one.
===*** Sent From/Enviado desde: ***

Put some color in your naked!
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