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Glenn S.
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I've raised koi, tropical egg-layers and live-bearers, and mouth-brooding
cichlids. Egg layers of any type can be the easiest because they can live
on their yolk sak for the first few days. After that, you need a fine
powder food that they can eat. Don't know about down-under, but here in the
states we have several varieties of commercially available powder foods.

Also, a good sponge filter can't be setup in their tank and they will
eventually be able to pick off 'things' from the filter. However, if you
have fry now, the sponge won't help you much because it takes time to become

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"PatC" wrote in message

I noticed my fish were spawning & I rescued a bit of pond weed with some
eggs attached & brought them inside in a one foot tank with some of the
A few hatched 2 days ago.
They are very small & swim erratically & attach themselves to the glass on
the side of the tank.
What can I expect in the next few days, & what & when do I need to feed
as it would be nice if a few of them got to grow up rather than just die.
I'm quite OK with livebearer babies in my tropical tank but these a SO
Thanks in advance to all you folks who know all about it.
BTW I live in Sydney, OZ & it is spring right now & fairly cool, but it
also get very hot.