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Default Birdwatch survey this weekend

"Chris French and Helen Johnson" wrote in
message ...
: In message , HaaRoy
: writes
: the RSPB are doing a survey of birds found in the gardens
: this weekend.
: For those interested in such things there is also the similarly named
: Garden Birdwatch run by the BTO (British Trust for Ornithology)
: This is an open ended ongoing weekly survey rather than a one off.
: --
: Chris French and Helen Johnson, Leeds
: urg Suppliers and References FAQ:

Yes, I've been participating for about 3 yrs. Results can be submitted on
line now although I haven't tried yet, have you?

I don't know why the RSPB can't use the BTO figures. I am sure they do it
just to get extra donations.

If anybody living in the London area is interested, the London Natural
History Society produces an annual 'London Bird Report' which covers an area
of 20 mile radius from St Paul's cathedral and list all birds that have been
seen that year, together with articles etc. The latest edition is for 1999.