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Phyllis and Jim Hurley
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Default Pond Aerator Question

A fountain would want a continuous flow pump. A lawn sprinkler would
not be designed for that and might be quite high energy consumption.
The size of your pond would call for a LOT of pump to aerate it. Is
there a reason that you want to aerate so large a pond? It is likely to
have pretty good natural circulation with wind and sun alone. A pump
would not need to be a fountain to cause aeration. Just pushing water
along the surface will aerate it.

The bottom of the pond (30') will not be turning over very much (cold
water sinks) unless you have a layer inversion (rapid cooling of shallow
end top pushes deep bottom up). You could change the deep end water if
you set up an overflow to draw from the bottom of the deep end. If you
have water entering regularly from one end and exiting from a pipe at
the other, that will get you some turnover of water too.

Let us know what you finally do.


Randell Tarin wrote:
My wife and I have purchased some property that has a 2.5 acre pond on it.
I've been told by the previous owner that the pond is about 30 ft. deep at
its deepest point.

My question is this. Would it be possible to use a lawn sprinkler pump to
create a fountain aerator for this pond? Has anyone every done this? If
so, how did you construct it? How did it work?

Thanks in advance,

R. Tarin