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Andy Rutledge
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Default [IBC] US vs. European bonsai stundents - was [IBC] Juniper Bonsai life expectancy?

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From: "Marty & Patty Weiser"
As a side note I once took consecutive workshops with a US bonsai master
and his Japanese sensei. I felt that the US master's approach was far
closer to what I envisioned as the Japanese approach (do this to this
branch) than the sensei's (try this). I guess we are all different and
our perceptions are constantly being reshaped.


Thanks for your input, Marty. I appreciate your experience-based
observations. As for the above, workshops are not where one goes to teach
as a teacher or learn as a student. The instruction given and the knowledge
gained in workshops is unlike what one gets when one becomes a student under
a teacher - in an ongoing, regular, lengthy basis. Try learning French by
attending French workshops twice a year. It is not going to be anything
like going to school to study French.

True, few people have the opportunity to study like this in bonsai, but
there should be no confusion between workshops and the teacher/student
situation. These are day and night, respectively and judging the
instruction or the instructor by what one sees in a workshop is misguided
and unfair.

Kind regards,
Andy Rutledge
zone 8, Texas

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