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Originally Posted by Jeanne Stockdale
I have just received 2 climbing roses as a gift - Dublin Bay and Penny
Lane - and am trying to find the best position for them. At the back of one
of our flower beds we have a 2.5ft ornamental wall beyond which is a paved
area. If I were to plant one at each end of the back of this bed, would they
"trail/ramble" along the wall or do I need to find somewhere where they can
climb more vertically

Would appreciate any advice

Dear Jeanne,

These two roses are both modern climbers and I would say more suited to climbing than rambling. From my (limited) experience, climbing roses have stiff stems and are less flexible than the ramblers which would happily spread along your wall. However, I would also add that rose stems that can be trained/pruned to spread horizontally produce more flowers so maybe its worth a go? You need to train the stems whilst they are young and flexible. I looked up my Peter Beales catalogues and it says that Penny Lane will grow to 12 x 8' and Dublin Bay 'a useful pillar rose' 7 x 5'. If you haven't already, why don't you also post your question to garden banter: rec.gardens.roses . Good luck. jay jay