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Mac Knight
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Default Feb. edition of "The Pond Newsletter" --posting on Tuesday!

Then offer other suggestions - constructive, perhaps.


Mac Knight

"Bob H" wrote in message
Wasn't badmouthing him, I am sure I would enjoy his newsletter...just not


"Nedra" wrote in message
Well ... I appreciate what Justin is doing. If you
guys don't like it then just hush-up. Please don't bad-
mouth the guy for attempting a new project.

Keep up the good work, Justin!


"mad" wrote in message
and beaucoup spam!
All stressed out and no one to choke...

From: "Bob H"
Organization: Posted via Supernews,
Newsgroups: rec.ponds
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 17:52:34 -0800
Subject: Feb. edition of "The Pond Newsletter" --posting on


Too bad, I refuse to Yahoo....too many problems and privacy


"Justin" wrote in message
The February edition is almost ready. In order to receive the

edition of the monthly newsletter, go to and click "Join this
Group!". I will post it Tuesday (February 11th).

If you are not a Yahoo! member, you may also subscribe by sending a
blank e-mail to . After

send the e-mail, you will receive an automated reply from Yahoo!

you must reply back to it. The instructions will be in the e-mail.

This group is for pond and water garden discussion via newsletter.
Topics include but are not limited to koi, goldfish, plants, and
setup. Members of the group may contribute their own advice,
information, and pictures.

It is my intention for the people who post in rec.ponds to get
involved with this newsletter. I would REALLY like to see everyone
work together to make this a success. We could have our own monthly
pond "e-zine." All you would need to do is write a short little

each month. Write about algae, filters, koi disease, whatever! If

can help, please subscribe to the newsletter and/or let me know

you can help. Tell me what you think. I really want this effort to

a success.

Thank you and I hope to see a few more subscriptions this week!



To receive the newsletter, go to now.

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