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Default Daylilies: Atlanta area - free daylilies for the digging...

thanks for the name - Quanzo - I hate the term 'ditch lilies' as it is
always used in a derogatory manner and I think these are wonderful
flowers. Big, colorful and carefree...

I will try and see. Thanks!

madgardener wrote:
well the problem is they are your standard type of daylilies. Or common
"ditch lilies" which is why after you dug up a huge patch you have a blue
million of them now. I'd say your best bet is to get hold of the
beautification program or a local church or school and offer the rhizomes to
someone to come dig them up. The variety you have in the pictures are the
old fashioned ones called "Quanzo" which are what the other hybrids have
been bred from. If you drive along country roads around Atlanta, you'll see
these same daylilies growing literally in the ditches. which is why I called
them ditch lilies. Tough, they spread very well, and are great to plant on
slopes that are difficult to mow. You might even try swapping some rhizomes
of these with other daylilies. Try going to and Georgia
gardening forum and see if you can make a swap with someone close. Good
luck to you.
madgardener who has her own "Quanzo" daylilies except that mine are the old
triples, same colors but three layers of petals, in Eastern Tennessee. zone
7, Sunset zone 36
"Sterling" wrote in message

I divided a huge patch of daylilies sometime back and now they have spread
and I have 'way too many. My hope is to find somebody who will come dig
some. You could take 100 and not dent this group. I don't know what kind
they are as they were here when I bought my house. I live in Dunwoody.
Since it has been so warm this fall, these are still green and full and the
bed they are in is improved so they are easy to dig.


if interested contact me as: sterhill at sign comcast dot net