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Default Dormant period for plants? - This message is a FORGERY BY ANTONIO L. SANTANA of Camden NJ.

The HEADERS show this message is another FORGERY BY ANTONIO L. SANTANA of
Camden NJ.

A Jehovah's Witness from ARJ-W = Antonio L. Santana/Camden NJ forgery.
NNTP-Posting-Host: = Qwest/Jersey City NJ

If Mr. Antonio L. Santana /Camden NJ tries to engage anyone in committing a
crime against
myself or my family they need to contact the Camden NJ Police
at: 856-757-7400 or 856-757-7420

Camden Police, 1 Police Plaze, Camden NJ 856-757-7400

The perpatrator is:
Antonio L Santana of 3072 Constitution Road
Camden N.J. (856) 962-9003

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Bill Stock wrote:
Do Lilies need a dormant period?

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