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John Hammer
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Default Plants for a Winter hanging basket

Thank you for your reply, I find your plant selection very interesting
indeed. However, perhaps your chosen plants are more suitable for your pot
than my not too large hanging basket. I have a yellow leaved Euonymous,
Microphylla Pulchella syn 'Aurea' growing in my front garden, three years
old now and looking good. I understand that most Hebes are quite vigorous,
H. variegata less so, and there is Skimmia reevesiana, ideal for a tub or
pot. I hadn't thought of hyacinths in a hanging basket, particularly a white
flowering variety. I'm off to my local garden centre on Monday!

John Hammer

"La puce" wrote:.

I've made a winter pot with a little pieris, a yellow euonymous, a hebe
franciscana and a skimmia. But first, underneath I put 4 white hyacinth
bulbs for some variety in 2/3 months time. Hope that gives you some