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Andy Lee
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Default Feeding fish

On Sun, 13 Nov 2005 15:37:03 GMT, "Steve" wrote:

I'm still feeding my fish due to the mild weather for this time of year in
the UK. They don't seem too bothered when I throw the food in, so I only do
it once or twice a week. Should I be doing it more often or not at all
until next summer?

I've also heard that a ball of some kind in the water will provide them a
vent for oxygen should the water freeze. Is this true?

Many thanks,


Steve if they dont eat the food in around 5-10 mins dont bother with
it. Since last nights first frost of the year here in the midlands I
wont chuck any food in my ponds untill march next year. The idea of
the ball is to provide a spot that if the pond freezes you can just
pull the ball out to give a hole for the pond to "breathe" Never tried
it myself as it would have to freeze pretty bad for mine to go solid,
as I tend to leave my main filters running year round.