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Default Global Warming

I have built an alternative energy system that will stop global
warming, save me money, and is helping me with my mental illness. It
is a simple system, and what is it you ask?

The answer: Jackets. Yes, Jackets. I have duck taped all of the vents
in my bedroom, and computer room, and opened the windows. The air in
these rooms stays pure and clean, and doesn't leak into the rest of the

The reason this is a great alternative energy system is because all of
the hot air in our houses during the winter, eventually gets out of our
house and heats up the rest of the earths atmosphere. Just like the
hot engines in our cars is adding to global warming, and the hot smoke
comming out of factories and power plants.

There is a great deal of evidence that green house gasses are not to
blame for global warming, but central air conditioning? It is hard to
argue that hot air by itself doesn't add to global warming.

The reason I am doing this isn't just to save money on my heating and
cooling bill. It is for my mental health. Ventilation systems recycle
the air in our homes. As we breathe, and smoke, we add pollution to
our own little ecosystem. We take in all the oxygen in the air and
convert it to C0^2, and that air gets recycled.

All of our pharamones, and human chemistry gets into the air and gets
recycled too. This is why you find people getting into domestic
problems with their familys at home, where all of their scents are, but
not outside or in public.

So to say it again, I'm saving money, decreasing global warming, and
helping my own mental health at the same time. I can already feel the
differance, and I've only been doing this for a few days. It is hardly
even cold inside, and it is Christmas!

And here we read the symptoms of a patient suffering from carbon
dioxide narcosis.....