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Default Log roll edging

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On Fri, 14 Feb 2003 22:09:44 -0000, "Will"

Has anybody ever used these log roll edging, are they just secured with 2x2
stakes or are they pegged also.
I am planning to use them to mark off an area for raising above the garden,
so they will have approx. 6" of earth behind them pushing them out.

Thanks In Advance

My local garden centre does 12'' high x 5ft length ones which are
battened along length and have a stake at either end.
I used them to make a miinnie fence along the front lawn and they
are very sturdy.
If I remember correctly they cost circa 9 per length but my GC isn't
the cheapest in the world ! I'm sure you could get a better deal
shopping around

Good Luck