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Default Feeding fish

Thanks everyone for your answers.
"G Underwood" wrote in message
Hi Steve.I usually only feed my koi and goldfish wheatgerm every couple of
days this time of year when the weather gets colder.
Ive read that when it drops to below 4 degrees,stop feeding altogether,as
their metabolism drops so low that they do not need any food,also any
uneaten food would fall to the bottom of the pond and maybe pollute the
I keep my filter running throughout the winter,but turned the flow down,so
its just "ticking over".

"Steve" wrote in message
I'm still feeding my fish due to the mild weather for this time of year
the UK. They don't seem too bothered when I throw the food in, so I only

it once or twice a week. Should I be doing it more often or not at all
until next summer?

I've also heard that a ball of some kind in the water will provide them
vent for oxygen should the water freeze. Is this true?

Many thanks,