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David Dufresne
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Default Green film on water surface

I've got a Penguin 330 filter, and the surface agitation it creates on
one half of my tank (without any sound, since the water level is
sufficient to prevent any splashing) is enough to prevent that film from
forming. It has formed on the other half, since I've got a lot of
floating plants that makes the surface very still there, so I'd
recommend that type of filter, or a little powerhead that would create
some surface movement (and never hurts a tank, which is IMHO the only
thing most anti-algae treatments do).

Iain Miller a écrit :
"Charles" wrote in message

On Mon, 09 Jan 2006 17:21:55 -0600, Victor Martinez

My 110g heavily planted, non-CO2 tank suddenly developed a film of algae
(?) on the surface. I've sucked it off with the python, but it comes
back. Any idea how to fight it?

Were it me, I'd leave it and see if it doesn't go away on its own.

I've had this for some time on both my tanks. It went away for a bit on one
tank & then came back again (probably cross contamination from the other
tank via a net or something). I've found that a lot of surface movement
(i.e. splashing filter outlet) will keep the thing clear but it comes back
as soon as I stop that (can't live with the noise!).

So far I'm just living with it but I'd dearly like to be rid of it if anyone
has any ideas. On close inspection it looks like a kind of algae comprised
of billions of tiny filaments. I'm considering trying one or two of the
commercially available anti-algae treatments. These are basically herbicides
but I think my plants will survive them given how well established they are

My tanks are also both heavily planted & one used to have CO2 (not running
it now).